Our Coffees

We take great pride in roasting fine Arabica beans from around the world in our own roasting facility. We hand fill each bag of coffee to ensure its freshness. Prices listed below are per pound.


Please call our Southbridge location at (508) 765-5520 or Dudley at (508) 461-9077 for additional current offerings, requests and/or pricing questions.

Single Origin Coffees


Brazil Cerrado

Medium Roast: $16/lb, Dark Roast: $17/lb

Nutty, sweet, low in acidity with a bittersweet and chocolate roast taste

Colombian Supremo

Medium Roast: $16/lb, Dark Roast: $17/lb

smooth, well balanced acidity with a sweet flavor

Costa Rican 

Medium Roast: $16/lb, Dark Roast: $17/lb

rich and full-bodied coffee; smoky trace evident to many of our drinkers

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe 

Light Roast: $16/lb, Medium Roast: $17/lb,

Dark Roast: $18/lb

spicy and fragrant, often with a slightly chocolate or nutty quality

Ethiopian Harrar

Medium Roast: $17/lb, Dark Roast: $18/lb

winey, fruity, heavy body and spice tones 


Guatemalan Antigua

Medium Roast: $16/lb, Dark Roast: $17/lb

full body, rich & velvety, slight sweetness & citrus 


Kenya AA

Light Roast: $16/lb, Medium Roast: $17/lb, Dark Roast: $18/lb

bright citrusy flavor from South Africa 

Papua New Guinea (PNG) AA

Light Roast: $16/lb, Medium Roast: $17/lb, Dark Roast: $18/lb

light-bodied and mild, with subtle flavors

SCR House ................  $16/lb

blend of Colombian and Costa Rican beans, medium roasted

Signature Blends


Mexican Organic

Fair Trade Certified

Medium Roast: $17/lb, Dark Roast: $18/lb

sweet and "cocoa-y"

Medium Roast Brazil Beans flavored with bean flavoring:         $17/lb

Current flavor options include:

  • Apple Cinnamon

  • Blueberry Crumble

  • Chocolate Raspberry

  • Cranberry Cream

  • French Toast
  • French Vanilla

  • Hazelnut

  • Maple Nut Crunch

  • Pumpkin Spice

  • Salted Caramel & Mocha

  • Southern Pecan

  • Winter Wonderland


Due to our small batches of flavored coffees, please allow a few extra days before the product ships.

Flavored Coffees

Sumatra Mandheling Organic

Fair Trade Certified

Rain Forest Alliance Certified

Medium Roast: $17/lb, Dark Roast: $18/lb

A traditional volcanic and earthy Indonesian profile is complemented by bittersweet chocolate and subtle cherry and raisin notes

Mexican Organic Decaf 

Medium Roast: $17/lb, Dark Roast: $18/lb

Swiss water process, making it 99.9% caffeine free

Espresso Blend .........  $18/lb

roasted for our signature espresso beverages

Guatemalan Organic

Fair Trade Certified

Light Roast: $16/lb, Medium Roast: $17/lb, Dark Roast: $18/lb

Rich and flavorful, known primarily for its high acidity, in part from the volcanic soil that nourishes much of the country's crop

Cold Brew Blend .....  $16/12oz

proprietary blend for making our cold brew coffee at home

Black Gold .................  $17/lb

blend of our Costa Rican, Colombian and Sumatra Organic beans, dark roasted

Breakfast Blend..........  $16/lb

blend of Brazil, Costa Rican and Mexican Organic beans, medium roasted; our lightest blend

Organic & Fair Trade 

Nicaragua Organic

Medium Roast: $17/lb, Dark Roast: $18/lb

chocolate and citrus flavors, sweet aroma

Peru Organic

Fair Trade Certified

Medium Roast: $17/lb, Dark Roast: $18/lb

bright, medium body, mild acidity

Colombian Kachalu Organic

Rain Forest Alliance Certified

Medium Roast: $17/lb, Dark Roast: $18/lb

Smooth, medium to full body; sweet, tangy orange and cherry notes

100% shade grown

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