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TRAVEL THE EAST: Southbridge, a hidden New England gem

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Published in the Patriot Ledger

Published on WickedLocal

Here’s the latest from travel bloggers Kristy Albano and Matt Pickering of Weymouth.

By the time 5pm rolls around Friday afternoon, we’re looking for quick escape out of the concrete jungle. And as much as we would love to travel the world every weekend, a budget-friendly excursion tends to be a more doable option. So when we got a call from Southbridge Hotel inviting us to come down for the weekend, we were more than excited to explore a new and lesser known part of New England.

To jump-start our event filled Saturday, we stopped in at New England’s soon-to-be #1 place for coffee-Sturbridge Coffee Roasters. Since they roast their beans on-site, the coffee’s always fresh. We highly recommend the caramel apple latte; if one wasn’t filling enough, we probably would have order another 5 more! And of course we couldn’t leave without meeting and greeting the ever so friendly and entertaining Elvis Dyer, co-owner of Sturbridge Coffee Roasters with his wife Karen Dyer. Elvis’ passion for coffee is admirable and easily shown by the amount of time, thought and love that is dedicated to each cup of coffee he brews.


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